Tech Riders

OPTION 1 (festivals, theaters, open air)

2 microphones for clarinet and bass clarinet
2 microphones for alto and baritone sax
1 bass amp (Gallien Krueger or similar – 150w minimum)
with a box, chair, or table to raise up the amp height
Drum Kit
1 x 14″ snare + stand
1 x 12″ tom
1 x 14″ floor tom (on three legs)
1 x 20″ bass drum
3 x cymbal stands (one boom stand!)
1 x hi-hat stand
1 x bass drum pedal
1 x adjustable drum stool                                                                                                               
1 x carpet
All drums must wear white coated heads (Remo Ambasador / Evans G1)
Transparent or oil-filled heads are unwished !!!
4 x stage monitors


OPTION 2 (clubs and small venues)

In clubs and small spaces, technical requirements are more or less the same as above, just adding the chance of reducing the number of mics, monitors and working with a more semi-acoustic set up.
When travelling by plane:
1 x baritone saxophone will be required (we’ll bring the mouth piece)
1 x double bass will be required