CF545 CD / LP 




Alberto Popollla clarinet & bass clarinet, objects Errico De Fabritiis alto & baritone sax, mouth harp Gianfranco Tedeschi double bass Fabrizio Spera drums, percussion, zither

Guests Eugenio Colombo flute on 1, bass flute on 3 Francesco Lo Cascio vibraphone on 1, gong on 3

Recorded by Gabriele Conti at Stone Recording Studio, Roma, September 2019 Mixed and mastered by Antonio Castiello with assistance by Aldo De Sanctis at Jambona Lab, Livorno, November 2019

1) Frankiphone Blues (Phil Cohran) | 2) Humility in the Light of Creator (Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre) | 3)  Devil got my Woman (Skip James) | 4) Still Screaming for Charles Tyler | includes: Cha Lacy's Out East / Man Alone (CharlesTyler) | 5) A Girl Named Rainbow (Ornette Coleman) | 6) Mean Black Cat Blues (Charley Patton) | 7) When there is No Sun (Sun Ra) | 8) Karen on Monday (John Carter) |

Tracks 1, 3, 6, 7 include sections composed by Popolla, De Fabritiis, Tedeschi, Spera (SIAE). Trk 1 incl. Rag for Six / Trk 3 incl. Skip Beyond / Trk 6 incl. The Curse / Trk 7 incl. See the Stars

Produced by Roots Magic | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul / Design by Travassos / Inside photo by Jacopo Tedeschi / Thanks to Roger Stolle, Pino Saulo, Enzo Pavoni, Lelio Giannetto, Special thanks to Daniel Bacalov

The album title is a quote from the work of Octavia E. Butler

CD / LP!